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HOA Members Meeting

Date: October 8, 2022

Time: 10 a.m. CST 

Place: Lakeview Dr (Cove by big lake)

Meeting Agenda - Subject to Change

Belmor Lakes Homeowners’ Association

Agenda - Board of Directors’ Meeting

Date: Ocotber 8, 2022

Time: 10:00 a.m.

I. Call to Order: Carissa Shumaker and new board introduction

In Attendance 

  • Carissa Shumaker, President
  • Amie Ruffin, Vice President
  • Kyle Werner, Treasurer 
  • Matt Whitney, Secretary
  • Brad Richardson, Board Member
  • Wally Northam, Board Member
  • Mike Thomas, Board Member (via phone or Zoom)

II. Approval of the Minutes of January Meeting 

III. Treasurer’s Report, Carla Jasick 

IV. Social Committee Report, Kathy Arnold

V. Motion to form Committees

  1. Beautification Committee (landscaping, yard of the month, Christmas décor set up and take down with Piney Ridge, judging of various holiday décor)
  2. Welcoming Committee (new resident packets with goodies, check-ins, report if they know of a special need of a neighbor)
  3. People Matter Committee (gather donations for first responders, schools, resident needs, etc.)
  4. Civic Committee (attend meetings at city and county levels, etc. and report back to the board)
  5. Safety and Security Committee (spearhead neighborhood watch, investigate removable speed bumps)

VI. Cara Nowell as Administrator, train with Carla Jasick startng October 3, 2022

VII. Piney Ridge is new landscaping company

VIII. Entrance updates (got quotes for painting and brickwork) waiting for signage quote 

IX. Facebook 

X. Rental Discussion (Steve’s email)

XI. Installation of new landscaping and lighting at entrances 

XII. Open Forum for discussion 

October 8th Meeting Minutes